Cricket is the second most well known game played on the planet! It has overall fame and is rapidly developing in the United States showcase too. Cricket is additionally a prominent game with the female populace, both as a player and an observer. I might want to talk about the historical backdrop of ladies playing cricket.

Cricket is one of the most established games ever. Actually, there is a report of a ladies’ match played as ahead of schedule as 1745 in England. There is very little data of ladies’ cricket detailed from 1745 until 1887 when the primary ladies’ cricket club was framed in Yorkshire, England. This club was known as the White Heather Club. Before long, in 1894, a ladies’ club was framed in Australia, South Africa and Canada.

From 1926 until 1998 the administering body of ladies’ cricket was the Women’s Cricket Association, additionally called The Association. They administered cricket among ladies in England, Scotland and Wales. Their fundamental objective was to energize more ladies’ cricket clubs and urge ladies to play after they exited school. In 1998 the England and Wales Cricket board assumed control and are right now the administering body for cricket in those territories.

In December 1934 the principal worldwide ladies’ test cricket match was played amongst England and Australia. In 1958, the IWCC (International Women’s Cricket Council was framed to consolidation all ladies’ group from around the globe. In 2005, IWCC converged with the ICC (International Cricket Council) so that the ICC now the administering collection of cricket for ladies, men and youth.

There is a Women’s World Cup. This begun in 1973, strikingly two years before the principal Men’s World Cup. Fifteen nations/groups have played in the Women’s World Cup hitherto and there have been eight aggregate since 1973. Amoung them are; England, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Jamaica, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago. The United States presently can’t seem to play in the Women’s Cricket World Cup.

Today, cricket is extremely well known among ladies in England. Britain and Australia have the most grounded groups. There is a push to make cricket a more prominent game for American ladies yet financing and different measurements have made it difficult to advance with groups. Ideally, as cricket mindfulness develops in the US, because of the solid youth exertion and number of outsiders who now live in the United States this will soon change.