If you ever wondered what the big deal was with snooker table cloth, there are two types of fabric processes that can be used to craft the cloth for a pool table. These processes lead to two entirely different outcomes.  The impact on the play varies around the cloth surface texture.

Worsted Cloth

This type of snooker table cloth is often known as ‘Speed’ Cloth. This type of pool table cloth has its fibre manufactured from sheep’s wool. The manufacturing process leaves no discernible traces on the cloth surface which makes it non directional.  This is a benefit which makes play speed more accelerated. Worsted cloths are characterized by mixtures of natural wool and nylon. However, a dominating amount of nylon material within the combination causes burnt spots on a speed cloth which somehow tarnishes its appearance.

Regarding the manufacturing process, worsted is generally regarded with a better quality. It is stronger, finer, smoother, and sturdier fabric which doesn’t easily wear and tear over the course of time. Along with pool table cloths, worsted fabrics are most ubiquitous. They are usually found in tailored suits.

Woollen Cloth

Woollen Cloth is a type of snooker table cloth that is more prominent to be found anywhere on pool and snooker tables within the United Kingdom.

These woollen cloths are characterized to have a distinguishably clear and discernible nap. These naps are directionally arranged. When one strokes his hand along the surface of a woollen pool table cloth, it would be really easy to feel the nap of the cloth.

Its remarkable velvety texture allows finger marks to remain in the cloth during the time of play.

However, unlike the Worsted pool table cloth, this cloth needs more maintenance. Regular brushing and ironing to keep the directional fibres pointing towards the correct way should be observed.

Measuring the durability of the pool table cloth seems a bit impossible.

This varies greatly on the amount of use the table gets exposed to, and how well it is maintained generates serious impact on its durability.

A pool table situated in commercial places will be less durable and prone to damage than a pool table cloth located within the home premises because of the less games it shall receive.

If a pool table is inside a user’s home, it can preserve its longevity.

Meanwhile, the wool content that makes up the pool table cloth is also a different factor. The higher the wool content, the greater flexibility and durability the wool presents.

Brent Dorsley owns a couple of pool halls in the UK. He is a billiard and pool fanatic, and he never misses an international game.