Manchester United fans have been probably waiting for this. If rumors are to be believed, it might be a surprise to find Messi wearing the Red jersey. Speculations in the world of football is anything but new, and yet for the longest time, people have been talking if Messi, counted as one of the best players of his time, will wear anything other than the red and blue striped jersey.

What’s the news?

According to different reports, Manchester City has approached Barcelona for the iconic player for a whopping sum of £100 million. Sounds too good to be true? As they say, there is no smoke without fire. Check this out to know more. It might just happen that people will buy Manchester United Football Tickets just to see Messi.

The biggest deal ever?

United surprised the world in more ways than when it paid a staggering amount of £89 million for Paul Pogba. That was easily one of the biggest deals in recent times, and if gossipmongers are anyway close, Manchester City is ready to the top the deal for Messi. It has been a matter of sheer joy to see the Argentinian player on the field, but for City fans, it is another level of frenzy altogether. £100 million is lot of money, but if that happens, the sale of Manchester United tickets will be at an all-time high. For Barcelona, even with that kind of money, it might not seem like a big deal, especially because they are turning 30 this year. As for Messi, he has been having a hard time off the field because of his father’s case, so it remains to be seen if he will renew the contract again with Barcelona. Those 450 goals do have a value for both Barcelona and Messi.

Manchester City sporting director Ferran Soriano says no

For those who didn’t know, the Argentina superstar of football has signed a new deal at Camp Nou, which includes a release clause of A$1.1 billion. However, there have been speculations if he will reunite with Pep Guardiola anytime soon. However, the relationship between both is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Manchester City sporting director Ferran Soriano recently told reporters that there is no chance of signing Messi for the club. He also added that Messi and his family are in Barcelona and are doing fine there. However, he did admit that Messi is the “best player in the history of football”, and the club will have to manage without him. Ferran Soriano also credited the Argentinian player for changing everything and called him a genius, according to media reports.

So will we see Messi for Manchester United? Not anytime soon, according to most experts. However, the team still has some of the best names to watch for, and therefore, you have every reason to buy those Manchester United Football Tickets for the next game. As for Messi, he is a star, will remain one, but we wait to see him in the Red Jersey!